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Today there was a protest on campus from clerical staff and it took a long time to get in, like an extra half an hour. They actually blocked up the front entrance and the back entrance. It was crazy, but first amendment rights or whatever.

It’s the second day of school for the quarter.  My class actually doesn’t start until tomorrow.  I have like twenty students signed up right now.

 I’ve had back-to-back appointments this afternoon. I am so busy this week I have my own class, a presentation for somebody else’s class and a pre-health panel that I’m doing with my intern.

Last night, I went to see Princess Mononoke on the big screen. It was really great, but a nightmare getting in.  They didn’t have my reservation, so I ended up just buying a new pair of tickets, which sucked.  And my husband’s pretzel was awful.  So there.

I hope I have time to clean my incredibly disgusting apartment tonight.

So far even with all the rain we’ve had we haven’t had any significant flooding or debris or anything up the Mountain. There was a little mini slide and maybe some rocks in the road but so far so good. Hubby was very concerned and made me get batteries and bottled water and everything last week.

I am super looking forward to the live action version of Beauty and the Beast in March. I know Emma Watson can’t sing like Paige O’Hara, but I still think it’ll be lots of fun.

Jan. 5th, 2017 12:16 pm

I'm baaaack

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I am currently sitting at a coffee shop because the power went out at my work. It’s incredibly cute, like something out of Portlandia. I don’t live in Portland, but where I am in California is culturally pretty similar. It’s just a quick pop culture reference that says I’m surrounded by hipsters. I’m supposed to be “working from home”, but that’ll never happen. I share a studio apartment with my husband, a cat, a dog and a spider. When we lived in the Midwest, we had a two bedroom, two bath apartment with a garage, but we could never afford that here. I work at a large selective public university, which I feel like is something they only do here. I used to have a LiveJournal, like a million years ago, and I’ve been missing it lately. There was a certain amount of fandom creepiness and drama that I don’t miss, but short Facebook statuses, leave a lot to be desired in terms of actually knowing what is going on in someone’s life.


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