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No idea what to write about today except for you to say that I am incredibly stressed out at work. I am on my lunch break right now and I’m trying to decide whether to eat or hide my office and nap or try to get some exercise.  I have 1 million students emailing me that I can’t possibly get to.  I’m working a little bit late twice this week, which is kind of annoying.
 I might be going to an audition for a Spanish language singing competition/talent show with my friend this weekend, so I guess that would be pretty exciting.  It is a long weekend because of MLK day. 
I definitely was not prepared to go back to work this week.  Tuesday hit me like a ton of bricks.
 I am having fun laughing at lots of inappropriate jokes about Donald Trump’s extra-curricular Russian activities. I am not sure how comfortable I am with the possible involvement of our president elect and foreign country trying to sabotage our country’s election. That’s creepy as far as I’m concerned.
I did not watch Pres. Obama’s farewell address last night, but caught some snippets later.  I couldn’t take the pain of it. It is so hard to contrast how classy he and his family are to the Trumps.
I did watch the season finale of  Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath on A&E, which let me tell you is super fascinating, especially since I used to live in Clearwater where Scientology headquarters are.
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